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You don’t need to search anymore. FURNTECK ENGINEER’S ECOMELT series furnaces can dramatically reduce your aluminum melting costs by increasing energy efficiency and reducing melt loss. When compared to a crucible, barrel, rotary, or reverberatory (reverb) furnace, a ECOMELT can reduce energy consumption by 50% or more, reduce melt losses by up to 80% and reduce emissions while delivering better metal quality. In comparison to an electric aluminum melting system, energy costs are less than 1/3 with comparable results on metal cleanliness and melt loss.

Aluminum Melting Efficiency

  1. 630KWH per Ton of fuel consumption for continuous melting.
  2. < 1% melt loss.
  3. Tapped metal temperature control to +/- 10º C.
  4. Higher quality metal with lower gas inclusion levels.

How does an ECOMELT Furnace achieve these results?

  1. Direct Waste Heat Recovery by charging material into the melting shaft without the high maintenance costs associated with add-on recuperation equipment.
  2. Full pre-heating of charge is achieved via the waste flue gases in the melting shaft of furnace. This process of preheating burns off all impurities present on the charged material and removes the moisture content as a result of which the fuel consumption is reduced and any chance of explosion is eliminated.
  3. Automated charging system ensures full level of melting shaft charge to get optimal efficiency.
  4. Rapid aluminum melting in the melting zone of furnace in an oxygen deficient atmosphere reduces melt loss. Aluminum Metal melts near instantaneously.
  5. Complete independence of melting and holding furnace functions reduces energy requirement for melting and reduces super heating resulting in reduction of hydrogen/gas pickup.
  6. High quality insulation reduces the heat losses.
  7. PLC controlled system makes the operation very user friendly.
  8. Stoichiometric tuning of burner systems.
  9. Furnace is capable of being sealed to the extent that energy is not lost through charge wells or large furnace openings.
  10. Positive furnace pressure can be achieved through controlling out going flue gases.
  11. Wall to wall furnace access for ease of cleaning and maintenance by providing large doors.
  12. Full pre-heating of charge material eliminates explosion hazards.
  13. Automated charging eliminates hot metal splash risk to operators and reduces manpower required for loading.
  14. Limited operator exposure to furnace internals.
  15. Low shell temperatures prevent accidental contact burns and provides comfortable working environment.
  16. Optional automated tapping systems for furnace.
  17. Furnace is ergonomically designed.


As we have introduced own developed tower melting technology without any collaboration with other companies to the Indian marketplace, no other company can offer you the level of experience that Furnteck can and that is also at extremely affordable cost than any other comparative products available. Furnteck Engineers have built and installed more than 55 Nos of stack / tower / shaft furnaces in India to most of the major die casting companies than all other manufacturers combined which itself is a certification for both our company and our technology.

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