General performance specs

Fuel Consumption -780 KWH / ton at 720deg
Metal loss -2% to 2.5%
Capacity -50kg/hr to Ton/Hr
Loading -Manual ( Auto charger optional )


Diecasting Foundries
Gravity casting foundries


Our Melting cum Holding furnaces are highly energy efficient and can be connected directly to the casting machine. The auto-ladle of pressure die casting machine can be used for baleout. For gravity die casting units the metal can be baled out manually if required. The furnace can be supplied with several light / heavy and gaseous fuel options. The furnace is designed keeping in mind the easy operation / maintenance and oxide cleaning. This furnace will allow user to have high flexibility to treat several alloys and high energy efficiency.


The furnace is a robust fabricated steel shell, engineered for melting of foundry return and ingots. The molten metal is accumulated in a holding bath which is connected to baleout chamber from where the molten metal can be taken out either manually or through auto ladle of the machine. The furnace has a wide main door to facilitate loading of charge and furnace cleaning. The furnace doors are strong and properly sealed. The location of burner allows most of the heat generated to be utilised for holding and melting application. The furnace is equipped with drain out plug arrangement to enable emptying out of the furnace in case of emergency or alloy change. The auto charging can be supplied as an option.


The refractory lining is with state of the art non wetting castable upto the metal level backed up by high quality insulating refractories for optimal wear characteristics and lower heat losses.

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