SCRAP CHARGERS are suitable for charging the scrap material in to the melting furnaces of SCRAP RECYCLING / ALLOYING units where scrap charging time can be drastically reduced as against manual charging. Charging machine not only reduces manpower required for charging but also makes it a safe operation and reduces possible chances of accidents which may cause because of explosion or metal splash. Since charging time is significantly reduced, door open time is also reduced which straight way results in energy saving as most of the heat contained is normally lost when door is kept open for manual charging which requires more energy to compensate.

General performance specs

Fuel Consumption- 1000KWH/ton at 7200C Tap out temperature
Metal loss- Approx 4% depending upon type of scrap
Capacity- 1000kg/Batch to 25000Kg/Batch
Loading- Manual / Through Auto charger ( Optioal )
Metal tapping- By Plug system or Hydraulically Tilting mechanism.
Fuel- LDO/FO/HSD/LPG/Propane

Distinct benefits of FURNTECK’s SKLENNER / Reverbratory furnaces

  1. Melting and Holding is done in single chamber. 
  2. No blind corners in refractory which allows easy and thorough cleaning of furnace. 
  3. Metal tapping is possible through PLUG SYSTEM / HYDRAULIC TILTING. 
  4. Furnace can be optionally equipped with AIR RECUPERATOR.
  5. Large full width door access can be provided in order to clean and charge furnace easily



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