Highly energy efficient TOWER MELTING FURNACE technology from FURNTECK PAYS YOU BACK every time it’s in operation. Thanks to improved melting shaft GEOMETRY combined with ROBUST MECHANISMS,SOPHISTICATED CONTROLS,OPTIMIZED COMBUSTION SYSTEM and SUPERIOR INSULATION which synchronously works together to make it a TRULLY EFFICIENT FURNACE to save VALUABLE resources like FUEL and METAL which in terms INCREASE PROFITABILITY in today’s CUTTING EDGE COMPETITION.
The very first TOWER FURNACE was installed by FURNTECK in 2001 and this technology was improved and super fined by our experience of more than one DECADE.  Our RICH EXPERIENCE IN this field has SUPERFINED our TOWER FURNACE TECHNOLOGY to deliver EXTREMELY EFFICIENT and RELIABLE Tower melting furnaces which are a strong IMPORT SUBSTITUTE. We proud to say that our furnaces are “ENGINEERED FOR EFFICIENCY AND ENHANCED BY EXPERIENCE” and our constantly GROWING REFERENCES do acknowledge this statement.


  1. Highly energy efficient . Consumes < 575Kwh / Ton
  2. High metal yield >99.4%
  3. Process visualisation on control panel.
  4. Special shaft geometry ensures optimum utilisation of FLUE GASES.
  5. Well Engineered refractory configuration ensures long service life.
  6. Easy to access refractory for cleaning WITHOUT ANY BLIND CORNERS.
  7. Superior insulation ensures lowest heat losses.
  8. Fully automated and user friendly combustion system and charging machine.
  9. Robust, reliable and automated charging mechanism ensures optimum charging based on furnace demand.
  10. Wide range of melting and holding capacities ( 100Kg/Hr to 4000Kg/Hr )
  11. Various fuel options available from Heavy Fuel Oil to Natural Gas.
  12. Customised solutions available on request. 

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