TOP HEATED HOLDING FURNACES are one of the most efficient HOLDING furnaces which consumes almost 50% less energy than conventional crucible type holding furnaces. These furnaces have heaters on these furnaces have heaters on TOP side of furnace and heat transfer is done by RADIATION and CONVECTION. The furnace is equipped with high quality non wetting refractory backed by superior insulation material and closed design results in high thermal efficiency of the furnace

General performance specs

ENERGY  Consumption- 8 – 10Kw for 500kg @7000C
Capacity- 500kg to 10000Kgs
Loading- Through Pouring spout
Metal tapping- By Direct Bale out.
Mode of Heating- Electrically Heated

Distinct benefits of FURNTECK’s TOP HEATED HOLDING furnaces

  1. Reliable heating elements ensures trouble free operation of furnace.
  2. Heaters can be replaced easily without cooling down the furnace which ensures highest UPTIME of furnace
  3. No Crucible required.
  4. Hydraulically operated lift and swing type TOP LID makes furnace easy to clean and maintain.
  5. High quality non wetting refractory prevents metal sticking on walls and repells dross deposition.
  6. Superior insulation ensures higher thermal efficiency.
  7. Metal tapping is possible through Direct Baleout pot.

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