General performance specs

Fuel Consumption- 850KWH/ton at 7200C Tap out temperature 
Metal loss- <2%
Capacity- 50kg/hr to 250 kg/Hr
Loading- Manual
Metal tapping- By direct bale out
Fuel- LDO/FO/HSD/LPG/Propane Continuous Melting

These furnaces are suitable for HPDC / GDC shops where production rates are required upto 250Kg/Hr for single alloy.  This furnace can also be used as central melting furnace for several GDC machines where metal can baled out for the baleout pot provided on furnace and can be fed to GDC machines placed in vicinity. These furnaces uses burner flue for melting of solid aluminium which in terms increases furnace efficiency and reduces melting losses.

Distinct benefits of DIRECT BALEOUT TYPE Melting cum Holding furnaces with ONLINE DEGASSING

  1. Melting and Holding is done in single chamber.
  2. Reverses flow pattern of flue gases ensures higher retention of flue in furnace.
  3. Higher retention of flue results in lower fuel consumption and very low melting loss.
  4. Continuous melting rate ensures better productivity than batch type furnaces.
  5. No blind corners in refractory which allows easy and thorough cleaning of furnace
  6. Metal tapping is possible through DIRECT BALEOUT POT.
  7. Furnace can be optionally equipped with ONLINE DEGASSING SYSTEM.
  8. Additional heat recuperation can be provided as an option.

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